Fixed Macro Repair Harpoon Mouse Corsair

Last week, some of our users encountered an error message while using the Macro Mouse Corsair Harpoon. This problem can occur for several reasons. We will review them below.

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numerous Try another method

To give context, I’m wearing and k95, I’m trying to make a macro switch that can hold right click.

My goal is to create a switch macro that allows other users to press G and hand . It will hold the right selection key until I press the G tip again to turn it off.

An attempt was made to record a macro associated with a single right-click and remove the right-click release competition. So the whole macro is, unmistakably, a right mouse button. This colors the action red, which I think means it’s an invalid macro event.

What should I do? Thank you in advance if you want to help us!

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  • macro mouse corsair harpoon

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    A discussion of how to macro move Corsair harpoon mice is provided in the Conquer Online 2 forum segment of the MMORPG category.



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    macro mouse corsair harpoon

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    How to set up a Corsair harpoon macro for The computer mouse

    Hi people! will have a corsair harpoon mouse and understand that it has a macro feature. I somehow really set up, conquer toit was not exactly recognized. Do you want to help me with an application?

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    always settings from this Corsair mouse harpoon macro in all MMORPG-produced Conquer 2 online forum parts in the category.Name=”poststop”>


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    How to setup

    Hey other guys! I have a Corsair Harpoon mouse and it also has a macro feature. My partner and I would like to set it up so that it recognizes not conquest. Would you like to help me with Alt=”” further?


    Hello me people! I have a Mouse Corsair Harpoon and it has macro capability. How can I arrange so that the winner does not identify himself? Would you like my help site with alt=”” this?

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    Does Corsair harpoon have macro?

    One of the most frequently asked questions about our Corsair gaming software is how to use macros or keystrokes on our mouse or keyboard. All run macros from the very front screen of the software.

    Does Corsair mouse have macro?

    All macros on the first screen of the software are executed. To record a clock macro, press the MR button first. Then call the number associated with the link to which you want to assign the macro itself. You then proceed to help the keyboard register keystrokes.

    Does Corsair harpoon work with iCUE?

    Control dynamic RGB lighting with the Corsair ICUE plan and sync it with all compatible Corsair devices throughout the system.

    How do I use macros in Corsair?

    Open iCU.Choose K70 RGB of your mk company.In the left menu, press ACTIONS all the way, then activate the + button.Press the red account button at the bottom of some screens to start recording the current macro.Perform the actions with the keyboard that the macro should normally the red button again list times to stop recording.


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