How To Set FPS Limit In Rainbow Six Siege

If you know how to set FPS limit in Rainbow Six Siege on your system, I hope this guide will help you.

I’ve been trying to google for a few days and haven’t been able to find a suitable way to limit the game to fps. I finally found an absolute one on a Reddit post that describes how to set a limit on .ini usage. file ./u/RavUnknownSoldier

how to set fps limit in rainbow six siege

Thanks, Siege currently has a built-in FPS limit, which can be seen in the GameSettings.ini file located in the Rainbow Six folder in the My Games folder.=>

;fpslimit Game-specific FPS limit. N less than 30 frames per second. the lower fps limit will be disabled.

Set this ^ variable as you probably want. (in your case 75).

Save as best you can after starting the game right away.

In games, FPS limiters are always the most appropriate path as they are at the motor level and don’t take inputs that can also be reached by group limiters.

Are you sure you have “Read tartan after”?
Only for “Example: MW2 (CoD 6) modders can start viewing files if you haven’t configured them to access readable changes at all.

For future changes, you must disable it, apply and edit later, otherwise you will not get any options or permissions to edit the file from it.

Actually, I found out. which I have not yet been read-only, if you save it, and not just save it, it works great. You

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If you save it assuming…Create —-, you will create a new initiative.

how to set fps limit in rainbow six siege

I think what the future mightthemes, be as the game focuses on the main known original names of folders and documents.

Anyway, it’s good. How it works is definitely good.

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Tom Rainbow Six Siege has been available for several years and remains one of the best multiplayer games out there. This is because the creators and fans of Zur have provided many new messages about the environment, weapons and operators.


Each new one brings content to the Six Siege Rainbow universe. Unlike other franchises on the web, Ubisoft has decided to release new content for its flagship multiplayer first-person shooter in a specific time cycle. makes It a game more like a recurring TV show and keeps future players coming back for more.

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Performance upgrades, but also lower hardware requirements. If you have existing latency problems or if youOur graphics are constantly freezing, changing the setting (frames per second seconds) to may improve the visualization of the graphics. Follow the tips to speed up your place.

First: DirectX


Tom Clancy’s Six Rainbow requires the latest version of DirectX to be installed on your system. Due to these regular updates (and a testament to the longevity of the game), some unexpected bugs may appear.

If a family is getting this error, download the latest DirectX package from Windows to resolve the issue.

Zoom In

FPS Settings


Increasing the current frame rate in the game will result in smoother movement, and as any gamer knows, that can be the difference between your finger and your opponent’s finger. Luckily, it’s easy to replace the display and framerate settings with other display settings in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege too.

Launch A Specific Game

Can you limit frames in Rainbow Six Siege?

Disable Siege.Ini six rainbow image limit has a set account executive account limit. Go to Rainbow Six > Siege folder, right click GameSettings. and ini open it with notepad. Now scroll down the controls and you will see FPSLimited=60.

If you’re new to the game, launch the game by holding down the Windows key and typing Tom Clancy in the input box.


Wait For The Game To Load

In General, Open Game Hub

After loading the title of the game, press any button on the page, mine to connect to the game center.

As before, press any key, right-click, click or mouse to go to Game Center. Here you can see your online/offline checkout status, your amazing progress in single player join and online games.Settings


Via GameHub

To access the game’s features, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the person’s screen.

Note: You can also use the F10 key combination to access the settings.

Choose From Menu Options

After clicking on the gear icon, some options will appear to help you navigate to the settings page. You can also return to your desktop or desktop to view game credits from here.

Select disabled display settings

Should I cap my FPS in Rainbow Six Siege?

Yes. Limiting the frame rate to your own monitor’s refresh rate (60Hz, 120Hz, Hz, 144240Hz, 300Hz) is the best option if you need a consistent frame rate. This can be done through some in-game option, usually found in the game’s display settings and commonly referred to as vertical sync or vertical sync.

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